About Shauna

I am a 40-year-old mother trying to survive in the suburbs of Southern California. For the record; yes I drive a SUV and I am a team mom. No, not for soccer. I have a daughter that cheers competitively, last year her team won 87 trophies and 2 national championships, (she is only 13). My son plays football – bring home 3 championships in his 5 year career (he is only 12). Excuse the shameless bragging about my children.

Here is my spill:

I am a self-proclaimed know it all that will give you advice even it you don’t want to hear it, especially, if you did not ask for it. I look at the world as a place that can be fixed if everyone would just sit down and eat a good meal together. Soo…… I find myself Cooking in the Burbs. Did I mention I channel Oprah Winfrey and Martha Steward.

I dream of an organized home that is always camera ready, filled with things to help you live your best life.

Contact Me at: shaunaepting@yahoo.com (or) cookingnburbs@gmail.com

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