I Quit My Job …. Part 2


Okay, you all know by now that I quit my job. Now two months later think I have enough closure to face the reasons that I quit my job in this economy.

1. I turned 40 this year and my career had turned into a job. Making me a complete bitch. I began to bitch about everything. I did not even like myself anymore, so how in the hell could I be around anyone else?

2. I have 2 children and a stepson. I was starting to see them as another thing to do. I found myself using words like,”I have to watch the kids!” How in the hell do you watch your own kids? You are suppose to raise them right?

3. My home was a messy. I was truly waiting for CPS to come and take the kids and the dogs. Yes, I know that CPS does not take your dogs.

4. Did I mention that I was bitchy all the time.

5. It is not okay to take meds to make it through your day. My ass was growing as a result of the meds, making me even more depressed.

6. Again, I was a full on BITCH!

Now that I got that off my chest, I am going to drink a BOTTLE of bitch and get on with my life.


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