My Heart on My Sleeve

In my life, my friends refer to me as the one that wears my heart on her sleeve. I dream of a word where we can all get alone and the effort of every human being is honored and respected. I find myself revisiting the words of a very wise woman. “You can not want good people lives more than they want it for themselves.” I was in my young twenties when the words were spoken to me, I am rounding the curve to my 40th birthday and I still have a hard time digesting these words from wisdom. I want to cry and scream like a 2 years old toddler…IT’S NOT OKAY!!!!

Yes, I maybe the source of many jokes, but my heart breaks and I DO want WORLD PEACE!!!!! I would like  to challenge everyone to do something this week to pay if forwards. Do anything kind for someone in your close or extended circle and keep the world in your prayers. It takes a village to raise a child, but aren’t we ALL children in some way.


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