I Quit My JOB!!!

Holy Shit, okay, wait a minute…… did I really just quit my job in this current economy? Yes, that would be me. After over 18 years in the same field and the same anxiety everyday, I quit! Perhaps, I am as crazy as my co-workers thought I was. I’m going to miss them terribly. Most of them anyways, you know, there’s always the office asshole.

Crap… I still have children, car payments, a home, etc, etc. Money does not grow on trees (At least that is what I tell my kids). Perhaps I have snapped you know like that show.

STOP…… I can do this. I have always had an entrepreneur spirit and I need to spread my wings. I am not sure of the end cost right now. Hopefully not the house or one of the cars, but I woke up one to many mornings sick to my stomach. Let me tell you – dry heaving in the shower is not fun and it really hurts. So my doctor took me off work for a few weeks to relax. I did not relax. I stressed about returning to work. After 2 visits to urgent care my doctor said, “YOUR DONE”. So I quit for my health. Now what? I will let you know.


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