The Man And The Glass

“The Man” is my husband for better or worst. HE is very supportive and is my biggest cheerleader. There are times when makes me melt with the way he supports me and tells me, ” you go babe”. He thinks I can do anything which is a lot to live up to. He even listens to my crazy southern home remedies, such as: yesterday he had a sliver of glass in his finger and he couldn’t see it and he could only feel it if he hit his finger on something. I told him to wrap is finger in bacon fat and tape few hours. He looked at me like I was smoking crack, but he did it. I tried to explain that the fat and the salt in the bacon would pull the sliver of glass out of his finger. This is how I explained it to him, “My grandmother used this method to remove splinters and it worked every time. Take a very small piece of bacon fat and a band aid or piece of tape. Place the bacon fat on top of the splinter and cover with a band aid or tape. In the morning the splinter will have risen to the top and can be removed. (If the splinter is completely embedded under the skin you will need to put a small prick in the skin above the splinter with a clean needle before covering with the bacon fat.) Wash the area well once you’ve removed the splinter. This remedy never failed to remove even the toughest of splinters.

Guess what it worked about 3 hours later a very thin sliver of glass fail out of his finger.

Victory once more.


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