Are you a MAC or a PC

I know this sounds crazy, but I think this is a good question. Are you a MAC or a PC??? This weekend I became a MAC and WOW!!! In 48 hours I am a different person. The difference is amazing. I don’t know if I can even use a PC again. Am I being dramatic? Perhaps! But heres the deal………. I have found out that the functions ROCK!!! I love it . I don’t put stickers on my car ever, and I mean ever ………and today I put a damn Apple on my car. It is an addiction. It is like crack or a bad drug!!! Apple you should be assume of yourself. I mean think about that price it matches that of any corner drug dealer. Last night at midnight I found on looking for more stuff to buy, I feel like an addict. This is crazy!!! I think I might need rehab. Imagine rehab over computer products. RIDICULOUS!!! This is a sickness. I feel like Amy Winehouse – “make me go to rehab, I say NO, NO, NO, NO”


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